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Ayurvedic massage combines traditional Indian Ayurvedic massage with yoga therapies based on sequences of stretches and asanas used in the practice of physical yoga.
This original method was developed in the 1980s in Pune India by Kosum Modak, a yoga student of Guru BKS Iyengar.
This method of massage is performed with deep and vigorous strokes, using the hands and feet to stimulate the vital organs.
Another unique tool of the massage is the use of Calamus powder (root of Indian origin) which mixed with oils removes toxins from the body by scrubbing and stimulating the skin, promoting blood circulation and activation of the senses.
Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning finger pressure.
Basically it is a method of preventive and curative medicine that appeals to the healing power of the hands to achieve the integral well-being of the human being. This is the right harmony between the physical, mental, spiritual and energetic planes.
In shiatsu treatments, the therapist applies different degrees of pressure on the whole body of the patient, from head to toe, using mainly his hands, thumbs and palms.
It acts on the energy, the “KI” that circulates in the body through defined channels called meridians and works on the same application points as acupuncture.
Stretching, hammocks, mobilisations and joint manipulations are also performed.

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